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1.5W RGB led 12v module IP67 Waterproof with CE ROHS UL

Led Module

1.5W RGB led 12v module IP67 Waterproof with CE ROHS UL

Our 12V 1.5W RGB LED module, featuring advanced technology and premium materials, delivers a wide range of colorful lighting effects, adding unique charm to your projects. Suitable for both commercial and residential lighting decoration.

  • Module Number FH3XF-ZS
  • Size 65 * 15 * 9 mm
  • Color Temperature 2700~12000K
  • Input Voltage LED Low voltage DC 12V
  • Power 1.5W
  • Lumen 100-130LM
  • Beam Angle 160°
  • LED Type High light efficient 2835 SMD
  • Protect Level Waterproof tested IP67
1.5W RGB led 12v module IP67 Waterproof

Applied in luminous letters lighting box

● 5-20cm single side

● Lighting box

Within the factory, workers are carefully screened and trained to use the most advanced technology to embed LED wicks into modules and ensure that each LED module meets strict quality standards.

Efficient and energy-saving: The low-voltage LED module uses LED as the light source and has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, which can provide bright lighting effects while saving energy. 

1.5W RGB led 12v module IP67
1.5W RGB led 12v module

Long life: LEDs have a long service life and can usually be used continuously for tens of thousands of hours, reducing the frequency of lamp replacement and maintenance costs. 

Energy saving and environmental protection: Because low-voltage LED modules can save energy and reduce carbon emissions, they help reduce environmental impact and comply with energy saving and emission reduction requirements.

Good color performance: Low-voltage LED modules can provide good color reproducibility and can present true and comfortable light color temperatures to meet the lighting needs of different scenes. 

Low-voltage safety: Compared with traditional lighting products, low-voltage LED modules generally have safer voltage and current, reducing safety risks.

Reliable and stable: Low-voltage LED modules can use high-quality components and processes when designing and manufacturing them. They have high reliability and stability and can operate stably for a long time.

low-voltage LED module products have the advantages of high energy efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, good color performance, low voltage safety, reliability and stability, etc., and are suitable for a wide range of application scenarios.

Due to the long life and reliability of low-voltage LED modules, the maintenance costs of shopping malls are also greatly reduced, which has attracted attention in the industry.

1.5W RGB led 12v module
1.5W RGB 12v led module
1.5W 12v led module
1.5W RGB led module
RGB 12v led module
1.5W led module
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