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LED Open Signs for Business shop

New Open Led Sign

LED Open Signs for Business shop

Our LED open signs for business shop are the ideal choice for attracting customer attention and increasing business exposure. Made with high-quality LED lights and durable materials, ensuring long-term reliability and stability.

  • Color 30*13 inch (White+RGB Underline)
  • Material LED
  • Mounting Type Wall/Window/Door Mount,Tabletop, Free Standing
  • Product Dimensions 30"L x 13"W

The manufacturing process of injection molded OPEN light boxes generally includes the following steps: Design: First carry out product design and structural design to determine the shape, size, structure and function of the light box. Make molds: Make injection molds according to design requirements. The production of molds has an important impact on the quality and production efficiency of finished products. Raw material preparation: Prepare the raw materials required for injection molding, usually plastic particles or pigments. Injection molding: Preheated plastic particles are heated and melted by an injection molding machine, then injected into the mold cavity, and formed after cooling. Trimming and assembly: Take out the formed light box parts, perform trimming, polishing, cleaning and other surface treatment processes, and then proceed with the assembly, connection and electrical wiring of the parts. Quality inspection and packaging: Conduct quality inspection on the finished product to ensure that the product is qualified before packaging and finally ready for shipment. In the process of making OPEN light boxes, it is necessary to pay attention to key aspects such as the manufacturing accuracy of the mold, the selection and mixing ratio of raw materials, and the control of the injection molding process to ensure the quality and appearance of the finished product. At the same time, quality inspection and regular maintenance of equipment are also very important.

Open led sign
LED Open Signs for Business shop
LED Open Business shop
LED Open Signs Business shop
LED Open Signs for Business shop
LED Open Signs
LED Open Signs for Business shop

Unique Design Style - Hang up our unique LED open signs to add unique charm for your store, attract more customers to your store, bar, retail shop, salon, restaurant and increase long-term revenue.

Super Bright Open Sign - It is made of 800 super bright LEDs. The unique process makes our open sign much brighter and more eye-catching than the regular neon signs.

Easy to Install - This open sign includes a sturdy chain for hanging and easy to install on any storefront, glass door or window. Equipped with power adapter, plug and play.

Long Life & Energy Saving - Compared with traditional rainbow lamp, this LED open sign is much brighter, more energy saving and more durable.

Unbeatable After-sales Service - We provide satisfactory services for each our open sign. In fact, we provide 24 hours service and 2 years warranty for zero risk shopping experience.

Multiple Occasions & Personalized Gifts - This open sign with colorful box packaging looks very special and be used for store, bar, retail shop, salon, restaurant, etc. You can also use it as a gift for your friends or family.

LED Open Sign
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We have 4 after-sales customer service to provide you with 24-hour online answers.

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Our own mold workshop make custom mold samples fast and coordinate.

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We have 11 years manufacturing experience,corporate suppliers provide the raw material in time.

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Some of our customer have cooperate with us for 10 years because of quality and nice after service.

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Production equipment

There are different kinds of machines for producing, many standard types goods with bulk stock for fast delivery.

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Testing Center

Each product has been tested many ours before shipment.

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